Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture individuals in their spiritual journeys by providing an encouraging and supportive learning environment in which the Ten Commandments can be discussed openly, understood deeply, and applied directly to one’s own life. We do this in response to our heartfelt belief that the Ten Commandments are a Divinely ordered curriculum, written with the finger of God, and given for the eternal salvation of all people in every religion.


Our Pledge

We pledge to lead seminars in the spirit of humility and gratitude remembering that this is an opportunity to serve our Lord and others.


We pledge to promote the eternal truths within the Ten Commandments, while at the same time respecting all religious traditions.


We pledge to focus on applying the Ten Commandments to our own lives rather than on promoting a particular social cause or political issue.


We make these pledges acknowledging that without God we labor in vain, and that with God all things are possible.